Getting Started

We welcome the opportunity to evaluate the situation that leads you to make an appointment. We appreciate referrals from other physicians, clinicians in the mental health community and those of you who are patients. Thank you for your trust by passing along my name as someone who can provide psychiatric care. It has long been my policy to work in new patients to the schedule as soon as possible. When you call the office number, please leave word if there are days or times of days that are preferable to you. We will get back with you to coordinate a mutually satisfactory time to meet.

The initial evaluation allows the patient time to give the chief complaint and presenting history. An initial assessment of a patient's mental state is also part of that evaluation. A treatment plan can then be put together to give direction for the treatment process and can include psychotherapy and medication among other treatment modalities.

I recognize how difficult it can be to walk through the doors of a psychiatric office for the first time. It is a very big step to take whether or not you have been seen previously by a mental health professional.

Follow-up visits are scheduled to monitor one's progress at intervals determined in conjunction with the patient. Phone consults may be scheduled by request like office appointments if you are unable to be physically present for an appointment. While it is preferable to meet in person, we recognize that phone consults may be particularly workable if someone is physically ill, out of town, etc. Office hours are held Monday through Friday. Late cancellations or no shows are subject to charge.